Discord VOIP Server Access

Discord is a voice and text chat application that is designed to be lightweight and flexible. No-Heroes utilizes Discord for all voice chat for games, events, or general discussions. Therefore, anyone wanting to play with NH folks are encouraged to signup and join our server.

Note: Discord is required for all NH sponsored events. Anyone wishing to participate must be able to join the server.

Rules and Guidelines

  • The NH Discord server is intended for those 18 and older.
  • Do not record others without their consent.
  • Do not move people to another channel without their consent.
  • Do not let anyone else borrow your Discord account - YOU are responsible for your account.
  • Do not change your display name in Discord. It is important that we know who we are talking to. Name changes may result in a Discord ban.
  • We have many channels dedicated to a specific activity, game, or TF2 server. Pick the appropriate channel based on your conversation.
  • Do not rapidly jump in and out of channels. It is disturbing to the VIP's trying to communicate in those channels.
  • Be respectful of other peoples conversations. Do not talk over other people in a channel you are in.
  • Switch to a different channel if you need to have a private discussion. If you join a channel that only has two people in it, make sure you are not dropping in on a private conversation.
  • There are many restricted channels for the admins and community develpment. Please DO NOT enter those channels unless you are authorized to be there or have been invited.
  • If you are in a restricted channel remember that what you hear in there may be confidential.
  • Please remember to act in accordance with our rules, particularly the "Don't be a Douchebag" clause.

Get Connected

Discord does not require you to signup for an account to join servers, however you will not be able to take advantage of all the features of the No Heroes Discord server unless you do.

You can sign up for an account here.

Another benefit of Discord VOIP is that you can access the server from within your browser, or you can install the client onto your PC. Installing the client is the preferred method since you can use the Push-To-Talk feature when your browser is not in focus. You can download the Discord Client here.

Finally, once you have the client installed and launched, you can join the NH server by clicking this link.

Link Your Account

In order for the NH Discord bot to appropriately apply permissions you will need to link your Discord account with your NH account.

Launch Discord and make sure you are signed-in and connected to the NH server. Then come back to the forums, hover over your username in the upper right hand corner of the forums, and select "External Accounts".

From there, it's pretty self-explanatory. Click the "Associate with Discord" button under the "Discord Integration" heading, and just follow the steps to link your two accounts.

Once you've done that, our Discord Bot should have placed you in the correct "Group" on the Discord server with all the appropriate permissions per your user group.

If for some reason you run into an issue, simply un-associate your forum account with your Discord account, jump back on the Discord server, and then re-associate it (while you are on the server). Hopefully as their API (and our internal systems) improve, any small glitches will get ironed out.

Server Info

There are some limited channels available to non-VIPs. These include channels for our Seeding Parties and F2P games, such as Guild Wars 2 and DOTA 2.

Channels that have a "lock" icon next to them will indicate that you don't currently have permission to enter that channel. As you can see in the example image to the right, I am unable to access the Senior Admin and Head Admin channels.

All channels require that the Push to Talk setting is selected in order to use your mic. This helps to prevent folks from having open mics and causing disruptions in the channel. You can still listen to others in the channel, but you will be prevented from transmitting anything. If you get a warning that Push to Talk is required, open the settings menu, navigate to the Voice tab, and change the "Input Mode" to "Push to Talk".

Discord VOIP Code of Conduct

Use of the Discord server is closely monitored, and abuse or misuse will be dealt with swiftly. Some examples of things we consider abuse include:

  • Using channels setup to support specific games for other games
  • Any and all violations of our Code of Conduct
  • Attempted use of the system to support outside communities/clans (we are not here to provide unlimited voice support for your clan outside of No Heroes, etc.)
  • Any and all @mention abuse
  • Posting links or pictures to porn or any other NSFW content

To access the VIP-only channels, you must link your NH forum account with your Discord account. As long as you do this and your forum account reflects that you are a VIP (name is in red) you should be good to go.

Need some more help?

Should you need additional assistance feel free to make a post
in the No Heroes Discord forum or in the text chat of the Discord server itself. Additionally, if you have any suggestions for the Discord server a post in the Discord forum is your best bet in having it heard and discussed.

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