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No Heroes Forum Rules

In addition to abiding by the No Heroes Code of Conduct, rules for using our discussion forums are painfully simple:

1. No Pornography of any kind. Period.
2. No "Shock Pics" of any kind.
3. No religious discussions of any kind.
4. No political discussions of any kind.
5. No posting of or links to illegal downloads, including (but no limited to):
  • Pirated or "Cracked" software
  • Any other illegal or stolen materials
  • Links to ANYTHING illegal, period.
6. No personal attacks or posting of personal information (to include phone #'s, addresses, etc.).

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Do any of the above, and you can expect a swift and permanent ban from our community.

Again, this is a community for adults, which means we act like adults. Profanity is fine, personal attacks are not.

Keep our forums a place for constructive discussion, and you'll never have a problem.

We encourage debate on virtually any topic (except for the ones prohibited above), but once debate devolves into personal attacks, then you have run out of good ideas, and it is time to leave the discussion.

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