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No Heroes is an adult-oriented videogaming community that is focused on providing an inclusive, mature environment. The founders of No Heroes have created a community that strongly encourages (and enforces) team play, and where a player's skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or religion plays no part in how they are received by their teammates - so long as you can play as part of a team, you are welcome.

Make no mistake, though, these servers belong to us, and we will defend "our house". Our admins play hard, they play fair and we expect the same of our teammates. Team-play is strongly encouraged and enforced. We seek players who are less concerned with getting the highest amount of points, or the longest kill streaks, and who instead want to win the game. We don't care about petty dramas or what happens in a players' personal life. We want to play and we want to win.

Admins will enforce team play on our servers, but they do so after following a specific credo: warn, kick, ban. In most cases, if a player chooses to violate our rules on the server they will merely be asked to change their behavior. However, if they fail to adhere to our admins warning, they will be removed from the server. If they choose to rejoin and continue to behave poorly, they are at risk of being permanently or temporarily banned from ALL No Heroes servers.

In a nutshell, this is our house and you will play by our rules if you wish to continue to play with us at all.

Code of Conduct:

Our Code covers behavior as it applies to both our game servers and our online forum. Many of our rules can simply be followed by adhering to our "don't be a douchebag" rule: be polite, play fairly, and have fun. However, as many people fail to understand what this rule really entails, our requirements are laid out in greater detail below:

Conduct on the Forums and the Servers:

We follow a few general rules when it comes to both the forums and the servers. The most important is: no bigotry. This can include racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other hate speech. We don't care if players have personality conflicts with each other, but hate based on race, gender, sexual orientation or any other "isms" is a no-go. We are not a free-speech zone -- your ability to spew racist or homophobic language is not protected, and if any of that crap spills out of the hole under your nose, you can expect to be either permanently silenced, or shown the door all together.

Clan Recruiting/Advertising:

On the forums and the servers we do not allow any clan recruiting or advertising of any kind. No Heroes started up on its own, without pulling players from other servers or communities, and we expect the same kind of respect in turn. We allow many clans and gaming groups to play on our servers, but using our servers or forum, or even sending Steam messages to players on our servers in an effort to recruit for your server/clan/group will result in your permanent removal. Don't try to eat off of our plate, and we won't ban you from the planet. In addition we do not allow ANY URLs to be advertising in any form, to include your screen name.


When on the servers, we will not tolerate any griefing of any kind. Specifically, a player determined to be griefing, to include the use of backwards-teleporters, allowing spies into a team's spawn points, flaming in front of snipers, or anything else done repeatedly with the intent to harm and/or distract that player's own team (or the server as a whole) will be permanently banned without warning or possibility of appeal. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for griefing. Don't cheat, don't use exploits, and don't use any tool that gives you an unfair advantage over the other players. That includes stealing/destroying other player's constructions in Minecraft. Doing so will result in a ban...as well as profuse amounts of laughter at someone who can't even play a video game without cheating.

Sexual Harassment:

The same goes for sexual harassment - No Heroes has always been supportive of our female players and they are free to play on our servers without having to worry that they will be harassed. However, our female players are also able to stand up for themselves. White-knighting (or protecting female players when they do not need it) is also looked down upon. Our female players are big girls - if they don't have a problem with the direction a conversation is going, neither should you. Most of our female players can and will own your ass. Don't take it personally.

Mic Spamming/Text Spamming:

No one wants to hear your music, listen to your incessant yelling, or read your walls of idiotic text. Spam on our servers, and the very least you'll get is permanently silenced....but (depending on severity) it may also result in a permanent ban. If we need to remind you not to act like a childish douchebag, then you are in the wrong place - find somewhere else to play.

Anti-Team Behavior:

Finally, when on the servers, don't use any anti-team behavior. This means that if you are part of a team, you have to play like a team. Don't play as an unnecessary class, don't play in a way that prevents your team from working together, and don't play in a way that harms your teams attempt to win. We don't play as a group of individuals, but as a unified team, working towards the win. Our players put the needs of the team FIRST. If you can't handle that, you are most certainly in the wrong place. Feel free to GTFO.

Badmouthing/Insulting No Heroes:

Don't like our servers, or the way we do things? Can't play as a team player? Think bigotry is actually funny?

Fair enough, move along.

I'm sure there is a place somewhere else for you. However, don't expect us to sit back and allow you to badmouth our community while enjoying the hospitality of our servers. Badmouth our community, our admins, or our game servers while playing in our house, and expect (at the very least) to get permanently silenced on the servers, or in extreme cases banned all together. If you have some constructive criticism, we're glad to listen. If all you want to do is bitch, gripe, moan, and complain that it is somehow the server's/community's/admins fault that you suck- you can do it somewhere else.

Offensive Sprays/Images:

As has been said, we are not a free-speech zone, which means that not all sprays or images are allowed on our forums and servers. The following sprays and images are prohibited on all No Heroes servers:

1. "HARD CORE" Porn, to include (but not limited to):

- Anything depicting real or simulated nude or partially nude pictures involving minors

- Anything depicting real or simulated sex acts involving minors

- Any other kind of spray depicting anything related to pedophilia

-. Anything which shows actual intercourse, masturbation, or anything involving bodily fluids/waste.

- Bestiality

2. Racism or Bigotry of ANY kind (which includes anything that attacks anyone's race, religion, or sexual orientation).

3. Sprays depicting negative stereotypes of any race/religion/group.

4. Anything attacking any other clan/group (we WILL NOT sink to that level).

5. Anything containing realistic (i.e. photos) depictions of murder, rape, suicide, or anything else showing real bodily harm being done to someone.

Banned on Sight:

1. Anything containing references to Hitler, Nazi's, Swastika's, etc.

2. Anything attacking No Heroes and/or members of No Heroes.

Special Notice for VIPs:

Just because you've throw a few bucks in the hat by becoming a VIP supporter of No Heroes, it does not mean that you are immune from our rules and regulations. Along with the privileges that being a VIP affords, there are certain rules that VIPs must continue to follow. To abuse either the "!swapteam" privilege or the "!callforhelp" system will result in the removal of one's VIP benefits as well as the possibility of a temporary or permanent ban. we consider VIPs to be representatives of this community. If your words or actions reflect negatively on our community, expect to be handed your 4 bucks back, and shown the door.

Swapteam Abuse:

Any VIP's who abuse the Swapteam feature to imbalance teams beyond the point that would allow the autobalance system to compensate for a team switch (i.e. forcing a team imbalance in excess of 2 players on a server with 30 or more VIP's) will receive a warning for a first offense, followed with a 24 hour ban, and then a perma-ban for subsequent offenses

CallforHelp Abuse:

Any VIP who abuses and/or misuses the call for help system repeatedly will be stripped of their VIP privileges permanently. This includes multiple calls for help for AFK's, false hacking reports, etc. etc.

No Heroes is a gaming community that prides itself on its competitive play, its team play, its awesome high-end hardware, and its freedom from racism, sexism, and homophobia. We have developed a strong community of great players and great servers. These rules have been laid out to show players how they ought to behave when using our servers and forums.

Voteban Abuse:

Any VIP who abuses and/or misuses the voteban system repeatedly will be stripped of their VIP privileges and banned permanently. This includes calling votes for false reasons and/or using the system for anything OTHER THAN enforcing our server rules.

It's as simple as this: if you want to keep playing with us, you will follow our rules. No exceptions.

Game on.

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