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Discussion in 'No Heroes News' started by Savage, Nov 21, 2016.

By Savage on Nov 21, 2016 at 4:01 PM
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    Well folks, here we are....finally. Today's launch of No Heroes 3.0 is the slow, grinding culmination of the efforts of a ton of people to migrate us from the dinosaur-of-a-system that our site has been stuck on for some time now to what you see - the new hotness.

    Importing a forum such as ours - with its myriad of custom systems is no simple undertaking, and from the importing all of the users/forums, to the adapting/improving our custom systems (such as our "Call For Help" system) too a ton of heavy lifting. With that in mind, I would like to especially thank the following:


    Head Coder extraordinaire. Sorklin re-wrote our backend systems from the ground up, while learning a completely different forum system in the process. The man is too cool for school, plain and simple.

    All the Senior and Head Admins

    These guys and gals did a ton of heavy lifting to write/design the initial pages to our new Wiki. The Wiki will be our new centralized resource for all No Heroes Specific info - from all the maps/games/servers we host, to strategy guides, and even to a historical archive of everything this community has done or will do. You guys rock.


    Morthis is the guy who is working on the re-launch of our Minecraft server which will bring both the server version current, AND automate privileges though this very board. Stay tuned - he's a coding dark-wizard.

    What this means going forward....

    All in all, folks - I've very pleased with how this turned out. While it took much, much, much longer than I would have liked to make this transition, doing so allows us to escape the bonds of a system that was no longer supported, and immediately opens up new possibilities for forum/server/games integration that we never had before (some of which you can already see implemented, such as our VIP Team Rosters/Tournaments system, new VIP-Viewable Call for Help status screen, Full Steam Integration, Community Wiki, and much more (either already live, or int he works.

    Thanks for your patience on this folks...and while I'm sure we'll encounter some initial bugs, I hope you'll all stick around and support us, if only to see what we can all do with this together.

    Game on.
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Discussion in 'No Heroes News' started by Savage, Nov 21, 2016.

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