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    So, what's so special about our new system?

    Glad you asked - quite a bit, actually....but let's just cover the basics to get you started:


    There are a couple of long-needed improvements we've implemented. for starters, you'll noticed that SSL is implemented (actually, it's forced) throughout this ENTIRE site:


    That means all traffic to and from your browser from our site is now FULLY encrypted. Even better, we've implemented Two-Step authentication as well. Just click your Username in the top right, and click on Two-Step Verification to set it up (highly recommended).


    Login in through Steam

    One great new feature of the new site is a complete integration with the Steam API. For starters, it's super-simple to associate your Steam Account with your Forum account.

    To get started, click your Username in the upper right, and click "External Accounts"

    From there, click "Associate with Steam":


    That will take you to Steam itself, where you'll see a page like this:


    Simply sign-in, and Steam will send you back to our site. From there, you'll have to re-enter your Forum Password:


    Do that, and your account is now fully integrate with your Steam Account. That means not only will we be able to track things like Steam ID's right from our forum for all of our special events in the future, but you'll also be able to login to the forums DIRECTLY THROUGH STEAM without needing to remember your forum password, etc.

    Even forum users will no be able to instantly create a new forum account that will match their Steam account simply by logging in through Steam (but if you already have a forum account, please use the above information to associate your existing account with Steam to avoid account duplication.)

    The No Hereos Wiki

    This is a brand new feature for our community, and we'll be actively working on updating it and fleshing it out as time goes on.

    We've already added quite a bit, to include a Primer on EVERY SINGLE MAP we currently host on our Team Fortress 2 servers, to include our Holiday Exclusive maps, AND every map on PLX!

    Going forward, we'll start accepting applications from VIPs/Admin who want to become Wiki content creators to create new content such as Strategy Guides, Map Primers, and so on.

    The VIP Team Roster/Tournament system

    This is a brand new still-in-beta system that will allow our community members to create their own internal tournaments for ANY game they want to - from 2 players all the way to 256.

    There are multiple tourny types supported, as well as a graphical element that will automatically create the tournament brackets for you. Stay tuned on this.

    Call for Help

    VIP's and above might notice a new link in the top right corner of the forums. This will direct you to our new Call For Help status system which will allow you to see the disposition of any calls you make, as well as who responded and what actions were taken.

    I consider this "phase 1" of the new C4H, and I hope to integrate two-way in-game communication with the system down the road to better keep you informed.

    Good on any screen and more...

    Of course....there's a ton more to look at and do here...from a new post ratings system, to a fully-implemented chat room. What's more - this new system is mobile-friendly, and will scale properly to any size screen, from iPad to iPhone.

    There will be more to come in the next couple of months, and I'll put up a "bug report" thread so you guys can let us know when you find things that aren't quite working right.

    Anyhoo...welcome to your new home, folks. I hope the wait was worth it.

    Game on.
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Discussion in 'No Heroes News' started by Savage, Nov 21, 2016.

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