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    Aug 3, 2008
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    Reasons to post in this section: Reporting a hacker/griefer/exploit, or uploading additional demo's of suspected hackers, griefers or exploits, or if you're an admin RESOLVING the problem.

    If you are not doing one of the three above things: [blink]DO NOT POST IN THIS SECTION[/blink]. This is NOT the place to post your opinions on anyone being reported, nor is it the place to start up conversations.

    First off, if you're typing here to accuse someone of hacking/exploiting, please make sure you have a demo available, as action will generally not be taken without a demo available for review.

    To record demo's type "record (name of demo)" into the dev console (default ~). If your dev console isnt activated, go to options->keyboard settings and turn it on. To stop the recording, simply type in "stop" in the dev console.

    Obviously, replace the (name with demo) with any name you choose (preferably that of the player being recorded) withOUT the parenthesis. While recording, make sure to get both third person viewpoints (normal spec) and first person (while spectating, press your jump key to change between first and third person).

    Your recorded demo will be placed into your (..\Steam\SteamApps\[username]\Team Fortress 2\tf\) folder as a "(name of demo).dem file upload this to whatever online system you use.

    If you do not have any preferred upload system, filefront works well All you need to do is register, then go to "upload file on the left. From there, simply post the link given to you after the file is uploaded. Next, post a link in this forum with a detailed description of what went down, why you think something was up, and any important parts in the demo that can simply be skipped to.

    To clarify, DO NOT post in this forum unless you are either specifically involved in the incident, or are an admin that can do something about it. Extraneous comments are completely unnecessary, and simply make it more difficult for admins to do our job.

    Edit-added punctuation :grin:, also added upload info
  2. Savage

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    Jul 31, 2008
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    Re: Using this section.

    Heads up:

    I've just gone through and deleted all the "noise" in this section. I recommend that anyone who posts a report read the above rules PRIOR to making their post. All the comments from the peanut gallery adding their two cents is unnecessary, and unwanted.

    If the report does not SPECIFICALLY involve you (i.e. you are the one making the report), or you are an ADMIN investigating the issue, DO NOT POST.


    I'm not interested in anyone's opinions about whether someone is hacking/not hacking, outside of the admins who have been given the responsibility of making that call.

    In other words....if your name is not in orange, and you're not the one making the report, then shut the fuck up.

    We ALWAYS error on the side of caution here. We KNOW that 99.99% of all hacker reports are complete and utter bullshit, so there's not a single player who needs someone else to plead their innocence, as it is assumed until we have concrete evidence otherwise.

    Clear enough?
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    When reported a player, please use the following format:

    Player Name:

    If you are providing a demo, try to be specific to what point in the demo you think there is a violation. This all help us review these reports and respond quickly to them.
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    Jan 25, 2009
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