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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by AnalogAnomaly, Apr 2, 2009.

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    So I'm still relatively new. Though some of you may already know me. I do admin a couple other servers, I've been playing on the Balloon Race server fairly frequently as of late. Figured I might as well introduce myself. I can be found ingame going by =AsHo= [TCG] Analog Anomaly [EC]... yeah lotta tags. Can't fit them all in my name actually. I get this question a lot so I'll elaborate on the tags ahead of time. =AsHo= Stands for "A Server Host Operator" A small group of server admins and owners founded many years ago by a friend and server owner as a way of consolidating {PSoAA} and the regular group, whom pretty much were the same members. I was a complete asshole to anyone coming into my servers with hacks, or just generally being a douche. This being back before TF2 when I regularly played CZ. It was my policy not to kick or ban on the spot. Instead, since it was a friendly fire server, anyone acting up got to deal with not the wrath of an Admin's simple ban, instead I turned TK punish off, and it became a race at the start of the round to teamkill the idiot making trouble before proceeding to resume normal play, and while this often lasted but a fraction of a second, the end result was that everyone got to have some added fun while the troublemaker had to sit the round out, dead, only to have the same thing happen to them again the next round until finally they realized fucking with people in my servers wasn't any fun. At which point they'd leave and their steam-id got written to the ban config file via RCON. This method of handling troublemakers spawned PSoAA (Proud Supporters of Analog Anomaly) =P Which later turned into AsHo (deliberately intended to sound like asshole). TCG is a group formed by another long time friend and stands for "The Chia Gods" much like =AsHo= it's a group of players who play for fun, not competition. They're both very social groups and we don't "Scrim" or compete in tourneys. Finally [EC] stands for East Coast. I admin and frequently play several "East Coast" servers, including East Coast CZ, and the three East Coast TF2 servers. As far as gameplay goes I can be a bit of an ass at times, but usually only when provoked. I tend to stick with sniper and heavy on balloon race, but I run the gammet on all other maps. My three best classes being Sniper, Heavy, and Pyro in that order. I completely suck with both the demo and soldier.

    Okay. So I hadn't expected to type that much. Sorry about the rambling. =P
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    Nice Wall o' Text there. :wink:

    Welcome to NH!
  3. Muscles O Draves

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    Wow dood.

    Welcome to No Heroes!
  4. Emily

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    Yeah.. I am not going to read any of that...

    But welcome aboard anyway!
  5. Proven

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    Don't feel bad...Emily said the same thing to me about my introduction. :wink:

    I will say...punctuation is your friend.

    Welcome to No Heroes! I hope to see you in game!
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    Jan 11, 2009
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    Welcome to No Heroes!
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