Natural Selection 2: Teaser Trailer and Preorder!

Discussion in 'Natural Selection 2' started by Sydney Carton, May 28, 2009.

  1. Sydney Carton

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    I know there's at least a couple Natural Selection fans on here. They released a teaser trailer (no gameplay footage unfortunately) that features the new Onos model, looks pretty sweet. They're taking preorders that get you into beta and a special edition that gets you into alpha plus gives you some unique skin and stuff. Looks like they're aiming for a bit later in this year as a release. You can check it out at the official site.

    For those that haven't played NS1 was a friggin awesome multiplayer Half-Life mod that was aliens versus marines with buildings and resource control and a marine commander who played the game like an RTS. The only rival in entertainment value for me was TF2. If the sequel's as good as the original it should definitely be considered for No-Heroes when it comes out. It was a totally team oriented game, you had to decide what upgrade path to go on, how to spend your resources, the commander had to support the team with ammo and health drops, the only way for marines to fix their armor was to weld each other, and there were so many different ways to win that each game really felt like a completely different experience with different parts of the map becoming vital. You could save up and give your guys jetpacks to fly in and shotgun the hive, you could save up for heavy armor and have a heavy train march in, or you could try to put up siege cannons outside their hive and bring it down without entering. There were lots of tactics with "ninjaing" a teleporter up so that your team could sneak through.

    The aliens were just fun to control too, the skulks were tiny and died very quickly but traveled very fast and could wall climb and access ducts no one could fit into. The lerks were flying units that spit out clouds that either buffed your guys or damaged the enemies. The fade was a ridiculous skill class I never really learned that was like batman zooming around and dropping down to kill things. The onos featured in the video was a giant elephant thing that gored and charged and could eat marines whole and keep them in its belly for a while. Gorges were little fat building units that spit bile at structures and built webs that the marines had to weld or grenade, else they got stuck when they tried to walk through.

    They're making some interesting changes with this one, marines seem to have to capture adjacent rooms in a chain linked back to marine base to power their buildings. When a room is linked to the marine base it lights up and "turns on" instantly giving a different feel between marine territory and alien territory. Aliens are getting dynamic creeping infestation which means that the infestation will follow them as they advance through the map in some way.
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    I was looking at this today. I think we'll definitely have to give it a try.
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