Moving from Teamspeak to Discord - Let's talk about it.

Discussion in 'Teamspeak 3 Info' started by Savage, Dec 7, 2016.

By Savage on Dec 7, 2016 at 12:33 PM
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    Hiya folks, I've stated in a few other threads, we will be moving soon form our long-standing teamspeak server to a brand spanking new VOIP service called DISCORD.

    Discord is a (relatively) new service that will get us MUCH more flexibility that Teamspeak (or Vent, for that matter). In fact, not only should it give us far superior service over Teamspeak in terms of voice quality, latency, and (ever expanding) features, but it will allow us (via a very robust API) to turn our coders loose on creating some really cool custom stuff in the future.

    Here is a feature comparison side-by-side:


    For those of you who don't know anything about it, here's a recent video on the improvements they've recently made:

    ...those improvements alone - especially the ability for the system to automatically move our entire server to a different location in the event of a DDOS or other network issues, is HUGE.

    Our plan is to integrate Discord with our site to automate just about everything with the system - to include automatically generating invites to the server/associating your Discord account with your NH forums account (and automatically assigning the correct permissions according to your rank here).

    Once we're done, you'll be able to instantly see who's online on the server, as well as what game they're playing.

    Even better, since there are already full-featured (free) Android and iOS apps ready to go, you'll be able to keep in touch via voice or text chat anywhere.

    Down the road....

    Further down the road, we'll be incorporating other integrations, such as integrating tightly with our game servers, and possibly consolidating our forum chat with Discord chat, so that our community can have one unified chat service that can work across every thing we support.

    We're still setting up and testing everything, so it may be 1-2 weeks or so before we go "live". Obviously, the key here is to incorporate a system that is as bug-free as possible, but which allows the site to stay as fast as it already is.

    Stay tuned.
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Discussion in 'Teamspeak 3 Info' started by Savage, Dec 7, 2016.

    1. Zind
      I love Discord. I've been using it for a while now. The fact that it's got a solid text chat and isn't just a VOIP server is probably my favorite thing about it. It's so good for communication with randos and pubbers in any game.

      The browser app is rock-solid too, I like being able to chat on it during downtime at work without needing to install anything.
    2. CJ Wazzy
      CJ Wazzy
      I've also been using discord, it's quite nifty. The fully featured browser client is quite nifty. Definitely makes for good impromptu server hopping/random pub party/twitch based party chat.

      Looking forward to having it integrated with our new setup
    3. ShadowsDieAway
      Been using discord for quite some time, I think it's much more versatile and is easier to use as well for mobile.
    4. CJ Wazzy
      CJ Wazzy
      Protip: connect discord to your steam account (in app -> user settings -> connections) to have it automatically pull your friend's list to your the list of suggestions for adding to your friend's list. (neither of you come up on my suggestions zind or shadow)
    5. Truckincowboy
      good suggestion CJ I'll do that myself so I can see you guys
    6. Gibby
      Discord is amazing, AND looks like I need to add some new friends to my list.
    7. Proven
      I have been pretty impressed with Discord. The sound quality when you turn it up to 96kb is very solid. Not even a hint of a hiccup.

      All the chat and file sharing capabilities make it a very solid platform. They are even planning something that looks like screen sharing.
    8. Kill_the_Bug
      Ok - I have installed discord - what next? Is there a no heros bookmark? I'll be using it in tonight's DF event now that teamspeak is uninstalled
    9. Zind
      On a different note, I had missed the bit about integrating discord chat with the forum chat - that would be great if that gets working. Discord is one of the more robust chat platforms I've ever used.
    10. Savage
      You might want to try first actually reading the posts I make. I never said to uninstall Teamspeak yet, nor did I say Discord was up and running yet (I said it was going to be 1-2 weeks).
    11. Kill_the_Bug
      Ah - I must be an excited go getter then will reinstall teamspeak for tonight.
    12. X-Men
      Discord is awesome. Looking forward to it.
    13. Posty
      Just downloaded it. Totally new to me so I have some things to figure out, but if NH likes it then it must be an awesome product!!
    14. Savage
      The biggest advantage is that the system is both modernized (i.e. using current codecs, etc.), AND under active development with a robust API. TS and Vent haven't seen active development in years.

      Once we have our system completed, you'll be able to associate your forum account with your Discord account (the same way you can with Steam), and our system will automatically assign you the correct roles/permissions using a custom bot.
    15. Paper Target
      Paper Target
      I have been using Discord for some time now in other games and It is excellent. I can't see how other chat services never thought of what they did and didn't capitalize on it sooner.

      Time for Services like Ventrilio and Teamspeak to get forced out of competition.
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