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L4D Achievements

Discussion in 'Left 4 Dead' started by -, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Guest

    Did anybody else seemingly lose "What are you trying to prove?" in their ingame achievement list? It says I don't have it anymore. o_O

    Edit: It's gone on my steam listing too? What?
  2. Garoun (BlazeWolfe)

    Garoun (BlazeWolfe) Server Admin
    Server Admin

    Sep 7, 2008
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    Steam isn't the most accurate when it comes to Achievement tracking in L4D.

    There is almost always some disjunction between what you know you did and what the game/website shows.
  3. Guest

    No, but I've had the achievement for months; now it's just seemingly gone. Both Steam and the game have been reporting it the entire time (until now anyway).
  4. Rogue

    Rogue Guest

    I just checked mine, and it's missing on mine too. Weird. A lot of weird stuff has happened because of the latest updates.