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    When we initially started No Heroes four months ago, one of the things the original founders had said was that we wanted to avoid any kind of political or religious discussions on the board, simply because they (eventually) all seem to degenerate from a debate to an insult match.

    When political posts started to creep into the board a couple of months ago, I asked the admins their opinions, and the consensus was that they wanted to let the discussion run it's course, so I left the political threads alone.

    Once again, however, I've begun to see the discussions begin to deteriorate into subtle jabs at people's lack of understanding/intelligence/knowledge, and frankly, I don't want it here. There are plenty of places all over the web to voice your political opinions. This is not one of them.

    We created No Heroes to provide an escape and as a community-driven effort to squeeze the most fun possible out of our gaming. Find somewhere else for your political debates.

    Any and all politically related threads posted in the future will be deleted.
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