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By Savage on Nov 30, 2016 at 10:00 AM
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    Hiya folks,

    A move to a completely new forum system like we've done can be quite jarring to some folks, especially when we've been using the same system for 7+ years.

    Having said that, I think you'll agree that as we all get more used to the "new hotness", we'll discover the kind of features and flexibility we've all been wishing we had a long time ago. Couple that with all the custom tools we've added (and will be adding), and we're finally at the point where we can move forward without being hamstrung by old technology.

    With that in mind, this post/thread will be used to point out a number of cool features/tools you might miss at first glance, but which will make this site a much better tool for all of us to stay connected with our gaming.

    There's a ton of subtle new things about our new forum system that you might have missed (and plenty I'm still discovering as well), so let's point out some cool stuff you can now do.

    ....I'll add more to this as time goes on.

    Selective Quoting (for lack of a better description)

    DID YOU KNOW that you can now quote multiple things (or a single snippet of text) instead of a whole post by holding down the left mouse button, and dragging over the text you want to quote?


    You can then either click the "+Quote" button (which will allow you to quote multiple pieces of text in a single reply post), or hit Click "Reply", which will add that quote text, along with it's source, right to your reply post).

    Form a "Team" with the peeps you love to play with.

    While we play alot of games in this community, we all have a specific "circle of friends" that we tend to play games with. DID YOU KNOW that you can now form a "Team" with those friends, and make "Team Rosters" within that team for various games?

    Just click the "Team" link in the top navigation to get started.

    What's that good for? Glad you asked!

    Public/Private Tournaments

    DID YOU KNOW that you can now setup Tournaments for any game using our built-in Tournament System? Not only that, but the system has a great deal of flexibility in that it can host tourny's as small as two players (or teams), to as many as 256.

    Even better...the system can handle single elimination, double elimination, round-robin....you name it....and it will even automatically create a graphical "bracket system" to keep track of all the results.

    It is also completely integrated with the forums, so you will receive alerts about events with any tournament you are participating in, as well as the ability to open the tournament to any VIP or above, or make it invite-only.

    It can handle any game we want to use it for, the game just needs to be added to the system - so let me know if there is one you want added to it. There's a ton of potential for this, so you'll be hearing more about it in the future.

    RSVP to events on the Calendar, and get automatic reminders

    Tired of missing Events you wanted to attend around here? DID YOU KNOW that you can RSVP to events on the Official NH Calendar, and the system will automatically start sending you daily reminders 3 days out from the event?


    Even better, you can easily add the NH calendar events to your Google Calendar, to always stay updated:


    VIP's - Access your Calls for Help!

    Ever wonder what happened to that "!callforhelp" you placed in-game on that problem player? DID YOU KNOW that now you can find out?

    In the upper-right corner of the forums, you'll see a "Calls for Help" link:


    Click that, and you'll be taken to the main C4H response page:


    From there, you can click the "View" button on any call to not only see which Admin responded, but what the final disposition was for that call:


    Secure your forum account with two-step verification:

    DID YOU KNOW that our new system has some great built-in security features for your personal account? If you mouse-over your Username in the top right corner, a menu will open up. From there, select "Two-Step Verification":


    From there, you can select either "Verification Code via APP" (which I HIGHLY recommend), or "Email Confirmation" (or both).

    For the APP, you can use either Google Authenticator, or Authy (I prefer Authy, myself).

    Implementing these security features on your personal account are just another step towards making it difficult for someone to break into (i.e. "hack") your personal forum account.

    While this has never been an issue for all but a handful of our users over the years (in 8 years, only two people have reported to me that their forum accounts were compromised- knock on wood), two-factor authentication just makes sense, and our system makes it virtually painless.

    SO...if you do nothing else on the forums today, SETUP YOUR TWO-STEP VERIFICATION RIGHT NOW. :finger:

    More cool stuff to come.....watch this space!
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Discussion in 'No Heroes News' started by Savage, Nov 30, 2016.

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