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Discussion in 'L4D Mapping' started by Savage, May 16, 2009.

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    OK...I haven't really delved into the L4D SDK stuff that was released yesterday, but I do think I have some good news that SHOULD save us quite a bit of time when it comes to putting together our Custom L4D campaign.

    Since it appears they've included tools to use stuff created in Sketchup, I think most of the hard work as far as exterior modeling of the hotels/casinos on the strip has already been done, and I've been able to find just about every major property on the strip that we can import. Hell the even the sign has already been done: ... revstart=0
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    I saw this and got very excited (even though I know I can't use sketchup), there seems to be a lot of backwards compatibility so we can import/export and resize.

    Sooo, build the bottom half of the level in hammer. Export to sketchup. Clip out the sides of the buildings you need, import to Hammer.
    Instant Las Vegas.

    (Note: this is just my understanding of it as I've been messing around and I don't even have sketchup installed on this computer.)
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