Garry Newman, the dev/creator of the popular Early Access survival game Rust, made a post on Reddit to directly address players who were bitching about not enough content, slow development, yada yada....with a flowchart that directly addressed how he sees their complaints:

He further addressed the Rust community's enthusiasm/praise/boredom/complaint cycle with the following commentary:

Hiya folks, I've stated in a few other threads, we will be moving soon form our long-standing teamspeak server to a brand spanking new VOIP service called DISCORD.

Discord is a (relatively) new service that will get us MUCH more flexibility that Teamspeak (or Vent, for that matter). In fact, not only should it give us far superior service over Teamspeak in terms of voice quality, latency, and (ever expanding) features, but it will allow us (via a very robust API) to turn our...
Hiya folks,

A move to a completely new forum system like we've done can be quite jarring to some folks, especially when we've been using the same system for 7+ years.

Having said that, I think you'll agree that as we all get more used to the "new hotness", we'll discover the kind of features and flexibility we've all been wishing we had a long time ago. Couple that with all the custom tools we've added (and will be adding), and we're finally at the point where we can move forward without...
Well folks, here we are....finally. Today's launch of No Heroes 3.0 is the slow, grinding culmination of the efforts of a ton of people to migrate us from the dinosaur-of-a-system that our site has been stuck on for some time now to what you see - the new hotness.

Importing a forum such as ours - with its myriad of custom systems is no simple undertaking, and from the importing all of the users/forums, to the adapting/improving our custom systems (such as our "Call For Help" system)...
So, what's so special about our new system?

Glad you asked - quite a bit, actually....but let's just cover the basics to get you started:


There are a couple of long-needed improvements we've implemented. for starters, you'll noticed that SSL is implemented (actually, it's forced) throughout this ENTIRE site:
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