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Here's a few of the best deals listed thus far:

Why does it seem like co-op is where all the exctiing development is taking place? Hey developers, I'm still waiting for 256 player servers....I was playing 64 player servers over ten years ago on a 56k connection (Tribes 2) - ya think just maybe we've got some more powerful hardware now?

Anyhoo - this look like another potential co-op fun-fest. The game is set in a pulp 1930s world where supernatural monsters are not only very, very real, and they're out to kill you (unless you...
Here's something unexpected out of E3 this year - a story campaign the the multiplayer tactical FPS Insurgency that we used to play here at No Heroes.

Some good (and frustrating) times were had playing the first version of Insurgency in our early years, with many an hour spent screaming "I can't see where they're shooting me from, dammit!"

Check it out:


"The first of those surprises, the "Super-Duper Graphics Pack," will be downloadable "this fall" as a free upgrade for the game. The brief trailer shows the game's existing blocky elements and early textures untouched, though some of the blocky shapes now have smaller blocks chiseled out. More importantly, the game's complete visual pipeline has seen a substantial upgrade, meaning Minecraft...

As a Tribes 2 fan....this has my jetpack button going woo woo woo!
Garry Newman, the dev/creator of the popular Early Access survival game Rust, made a post on Reddit to directly address players who were bitching about not enough content, slow development, yada yada....with a flowchart that directly addressed how he sees their complaints:

He further addressed the Rust community's enthusiasm/praise/boredom/complaint cycle with the following commentary: